Asphalt Paving Work

Infrared Asphalt Patching

Infrared pavement rehabilitation is much more superior over the traditional methods of pothole repairs. The asphalt is heated and mixed with rejuvenating oil to bond with the aggregate.

Once the pavement has reached the required temperature, the heater is then removed and a steel rake is used to scarify the asphalt. Virgin asphalt is also introduced to the area and leveled to grade.

The area is then compacted with a roller ensuring a watertight seamless patch. This prevents water and debris from penetrating to the base. Infrared repairs are cost effective, longer lasting and an environmentally safe method to maintain your pavement areas.



  •  70% to 80% of the Damaged area is commonly recycled.
  •  Repairs can be performed from 1 to 3 inches depth.
  •  The edges and joints are thermally bonded due to the infrared heating
  •  Seamless repair / No water filtration
  •  35%-40% cost savings vs saw cut and fill.
  •  Average daily production: (750 SF to 1200 SF)